iPad Take Home Policies and Procedures for Students

  • Have your iPad charged at all times.

    Be sure you know your iCloud user ID and password - it should be on your phone’s Notes app.

    Be sure you have “Find my iPad” enabled in Settings.

    Protect the iPad from heat, water, sand, dirt, thieves...

    • Do not leave your iPad unattended or visible in a vehicle

    • Do not leave in a hot vehicle.

    • Wrap it in a towel and put it in the trunk if you must leave it in a hot car.

    • Do not expose to direct sunlight

    • Consider keeping your iPad in a large sealed plastic bag if sand or dirt could get into your iPad

    • We recommend not taking your iPad on vacation. However, if you must, do not pack your iPad in checked luggage; always pack it in your carry-on.

    Remember this is school property. All policies and procedures that were stated in the iPad and Technology agreement forms are still in place and must be followed.


    The same online safety filtering that occurs during the school year will still be in place over the summer.

    Delaware Valley Regional High School will continue to manage and monitor all school-issued iPads. Throughout the summer, updates and other information will be sent to your iPad.

    The only update you have the ability to do it an iOS update. We will notify you via email to perform the iOS updates.

    Email iPadhelp@dvrhs.k12.nj.us or call DVRHS’s Technology office 908-996-2131 X6305


    • Lost

    • Stolen

    • Not working properly

    • iPad is locked

    • Message on iPad announces you should contact Delaware Valley Regional High School’s Tech Dept.

    • You need assistance with your school-issued iPad or accounts