• Fun Moments of Da Pigzzzzz!! by Ohm Patel

    "Quarantine Vibez"  by Christian Bach 

    The Vietnam War by Michael Ruvo, Owen Keane, Jayse Altmaier, Vincent Casagrande, Spencer Em
    Full Interview with Vietnam Veteran Charles Nelson
    5th graders Michael Ruvo, Vincent Casagrande, Jayse Altmaier, Owen Keane, and Spencer Em interviewed Vietnam War veteran Charles Nelson. Here is the complete interview.

    Dog: A Story of Responsibility, by the 6th grade class
    Titanic, by Lira Parent and Avery Amoroso
    Learn about the Titanic with this movie by 5th graders.
    Ploppy and Raquis, by the 6th grade class
    Who is this Ploppy that is challenging star boxer, Raquis? Check out this special television event!
    Puppet Commercial
    The puppets really want you to go to the art show!
    Frenchtown Features 2018
    Slime with Mr. Moran

    Frenchtown Features 2018
    More Recess!!!
    Frenchtown Features 2018
    Sportsmanship at Frenchtown School

    IRobot in ASL
    by Olivia Humphrey
    Internet Trends of 2017
    by Meghan Dursee and Katie Leese

    NBA Training Camp
    by Jayse Altmaier and Zechariah McClain

    The Adventures of Mr. Spock and Mr. Data 
    directed by Bri Dursee
    This movie is about Mr. Spock and Mr. Data, who are sick of being only in the art room. They decide
    to go out and tour the entire school. They pick up some friends and they have wild adventures. 

    A Slapstick Comedy
    directed by Joey and Keegan
    A Twilight Zone inspired movie
    directed by Mackenzie and Lucy

    A Rube Goldberg Machine
    by Grace Nerwinski

    The Baby Snake
    Directed by Julia