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                Welcome to our Just Words reading program page. This program is one of three curriculums used at KTS to provide reading support and language development through an indepth study of the English language. The three reading curriculums include Fundations, Just Words, and the Wilson reading program, which are used to help students with the encoding and decoding of words along with reading fluency and comprehension.

            Just Words is highly multisensory in nature, which eqips students to simultaneously use multiple senses (vision, hearing, touch, and movement). In class, students will be engaged in a variety of learning experiences designed to improve their study of word structure through the six syllable types in English with explicit teaching for both decoding and spelling. They will learn to segment and blend sound within a syllable, sound -symbol relationships, high-frequency irregular words, and spelling rules or patterns of prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Finally, they will apply decoding skills to read passages with accuracy and expression. Through this fun multisensory approach we hope to help struggling readers become more confident in their reading and writing abilities across all subject areas.

         If you are interested in more information please click the following link:   http://www.wilsonlanguage.com/programs/just-words/ 


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