• Genius Hour

    Genius Hour provides students with time to play with their learning, just like they did when they were in Kindergarten.  Genius Hour builds on children's natural creativity and taps into their personal passions for learning.  The video below will give more information about the concept of Genius Hour.

    What does Genius Hour look like at Frenchtown School?

    At Frenchtown, Middle School students have several open periods in their schedules for personalized learning.  Genius Hour is just one component to our personalized learning program. To begin to work with students on Genius Hour projects, teachers at Frenchtown utilize read alouds, videos, and other various materials to expand student's confidence in building their own learning path.  The video below, Caine's Arcade, helps set an example for students to see that their own creativity, problem-solving, and passion can lead them to make huge contributions to our world. 

    To learn even more about Genius Hour, please click here.