Peer Leader Co-Curricular Code


    The following code provides guidelines for students who represent Delaware Valley Regional High School in co-curricular programs.

    Student responsibility is the core of our co-curricular program.  It is expected that our students/peer leaders will project a positive image of their school and their activity.  A violation of our Student Conduct Code or our Student Co-Curricular Code will result in a conference with the advisor and possibly notification to the principal and potential dismissal from the peer club.

    All rules are in effect for the entire calendar year on and off school property.

    1. Conduct unbecoming  of the student and detrimental to Delaware Valley Programs may result in dismissal from the Peer Leader Program.
    2. Attendance is required at all activities, meetings, and responses required for all mandatory emails.  Neglecting to respond to a required email or missing meetings, activities, etc., will result in dismissal from the Peer Leader Program.

    Please note: If a student has an administrative/teacher conduct report, it will be at the discretion of the advisors and administrators whether or not the student remains a peer leader. 

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