• Classroom Happenings

    Here is a snapshot of what's happening in 4th Grade this marking period:


    Reading: This marking period the students will use what they know about reading non-fiction texts and non-ficiton text features to create their own informational book about the Revolutionary War. We will read fictional texts to review strategies we learned all year to infer character traits, theme, plot, and make connections to our readings. We will finish the year learning about poetry. 

    Writing: In our last marking period, the students will apply all they have learned about reading and writing to research and write their own informational book. We will link our reading and social studies curriculums to this project as we learn about the Revolutionary War. Their writing will briefly introduce the causes of the American Revolution, but focus mainly on The Crossing and The Battle of Trenton. The students will conduct research by reading articles, books, and watching videos about the events and taking notes based on specific questions that need to be answered in their book. Using a the format of an outline, they will learn how to take those notes and give structure to their writing by identifing the topic of a given paragraph and chose details to support their topic. 

    Math: This marking period we will learn about measurement in various forms. The students will recognize there are standard forms of measurement and the less familiar metric units of measurement, as well. Units of measurement the students will study are length, capacity, perimeter and area, as well as angle measurement.  As always, in mathematics we review concepts learned previously to ensure continued understanding as the students prepare for 5th Grade.

    Social Studies: This marking period we combine our social studies curriculum with our reading and writing curriculum to study the American Revolution. The students will learn about the causes of the Revolution as well as a time line of the battles fought. They will follow George Washington and his troops on their trip accross the Delaware and onward to Trenton. They will learn about the conditions of the soldiers and how the outcome of the war is reflected in our society today. We continue to learn about current events and how to read and interpret information in non-fiction texts such as Time for Kids and Scholastic News.


    Specials: Monday - Technology

                   Tuesday - P. E.

                   Wednesday - Art, Library, P. E.

                   Thursday - Music, P. E., Health

                   Friday - Spanish