• Classroom Happenings

    Here is a snapshot of what's happening in 4th Grade this marking period:


    Reading: We will spend the beginning of the year learning about our reading preferences and behaviors so that we can become the best readers we can be. We will learn what characterizes a given genre by recognizing the elements and features within the text that are common amongst a given genre of fiction and/or non-fiction. We will study story elements and delve into characters and how we can infer character traits by paying attention to a character's feelings, actions, what they say, and their thoughts (F.A.S.T).

    Writing: In our first marking period, students will hone in on a moment from their own personal lives to write a narrative. They will call upon what they are learning in reading to ensure they include all the elements of a story including characters, setting, plot, and dialogue to move their story along. We will also be focusing on using correct mechanics when writing including complete sentences that have a subject and a predicate, proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. 

    Math: Fourth grade math builds upon third grade math. We follow a similar path of topics as the students did in third grade. We start the year understanding place value of numbers, adding and subtracting larger multi-digit numbers across zeros, and multiplication. I can't stress enough how important it is the students practice their multiplication facts from the get go. These facts set the foundation for units we have later in the year. The stronger your child is in recalling these facts, the greater understanding they will have for division, fractions, and for use in solving multi-step word problems. 

    Social StudiesWith the presidential election heating up, we will start the year learning the basics of the Three Branches of Government and the road to the White House.