• Information for College Bound Athletes

    College-bound student-athletes who wish to participate in Division I or Division II sports must first go through an initial-eligibility certification process by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In order to be eligible, student-athletes must meet certain NCAA standards for grade point average (GPA) in core curriculum courses, as well as SAT/ACT scores.

    The following resources provide detailed information on the NCAA eligibility process for Del Val student-athletes. 

    2023-2024 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete 

    This Guide answers questions for student-athletes and parents navigating the initial-eligibility process.

    DI and DII Worksheets

    This worksheet is provided to assist you in monitoring your progress in meeting NCAA initial-eligibility standards. The NCAA Eligibility Center will determine your academic status after you graduate. Remember to check your high school's list of NCAA-approved courses for the classes you have taken.

    Registration Checklist

    This checklist will provide you with the information you will need to know before beginning your registration with the NCAA eligibility center.

    Division I Requirements 

    Division II Requirements 

    Delaware Valley Regional High School NCAA-Approved Courses


    English I Foundations, English II Foundations, English III Foundations, English IV Foundations

    English I CP, English II CP, English III CP, English IV CP

    English I Honors, English II Honors, English III Honors, English IV Honors

    English III AP, English IV AP 

    English Electives

    Art of Public Speaking, Gothic Literature, Journalism I, Journalism II, Writing Workshop

    Social Studies

    World History Foundations, US History Foundations, American Civ Foundations

    World History CP, US History I CP, US History II CP, American Civ CP

    World History Honors, US History I Honors, American Civ Honors

    US History II AP, AP US Government, AP Economics, AP Euro History, AP Psychology

    Social Studies Electives

    Criminal Justice, Current Issues, Economics, Middle East Studies, Medieval Studies, Modern Ethics CP, Psychology, Sociology


    Advanced Algebra Elements (5 credit max), Algebra II Elements (5 credit max)

    Algebra I CP, Algebra II CP, Geometry CP, PreCalc/Trig CP

    Algebra II Honors, Geometry Honors, Honors PreCalc/Trig, Honors Calculus

    AP Calculus, AP Statistics

    Discrete Math

    Natural/Physical Science

    Biology Foundations, General Science Foundations, General Science II Foundations

    Biology CP, General Science I CP, General Science II CP, Chemistry CP, Physics CP

    Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors, Physics Honors

    AP Physics, AP Physics I, AP Physics II, AP Biology

    Science Electives

    Marine Biology, Lifescience Biology, Oceanography, Geology CP, Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy CP


    Conversational Spanish I, Conversational Spanish II, Conversational Spanish III

    Spanish I CP, Spanish II CP, Spanish III CP, Spanish IV Honors

    AP Spanish, AP Spanish Literature

    Conversational German I, Conversational German II 

    German I CP, German II CP, German III CP, German IV Honors   

    If you have any additional questions, you can visit the NCAA Student-athlete FAQ page, or contact your school counselor.