• 2020 Inductees:

    Leah Culton Gonzalez, movie and TV production, Class of 1991

    Heather Fleischman, dance, Class of 2006

    Kiva Ford, glass artistry, Class of 2002

    Golden Regiment of 2015, "Leavin' on a Jet Plane" Show 

    Indoor Percussion Ensemble, 2011-2015

    Alex MacNicoll, acting, Class of 2007

    Ben McPherson, music and teaching, Class of 2007

    Victoria Moses Mearini, design, Class of 1983

    Meg Whitehurst, backstage work, Class of 2013

    Adam Zanellato, woodworking, Class of 2012


    2019 Inductees:

    Clinton Ambs, director and teacher

    Amalia Crevani, theater, Class of 2017

    Misha Dhanoolal, photographer, Class of 2016

    Justin Fiaschetti, woodworker, Class of 2017

    Lee Ann Hagon-Kerr, instrumental music, Class of 2003

    Sheryl Keiper, director and teacher, retired

    Michelle (Miklosey) Gregory, theater, Class of 2002

    Shannon O’Connell, fine artist, Class of 2008

    Jordan Reina, theater, Class of 2017

    Paul Zdepski, fine artist, Class of 1981