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A Letter From Mrs. DeTample

August 2021

Dear Terrific Third Grader,

If you found my name on your school packet, I’m delighted to report that you are my student, and I am your teacher! I will help you and your family navigate the waters as we dive into third grade together this year. I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer. Hopefully you’ve taken some time to read, get outside to explore and be active, enjoy time with the people you love, and RELAX.  I have been having fun with my daughters, Mr. DeTample, and our dog, Chewie. We have spent a lot of time in our pool, we've been walking and staying active together, and we did get away to Chincoteague, VA for a relaxing week filled with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, ocean waves to jump and ride, the warmth of the sun, wild ponies, and plenty of ice cream.  I have also been reading and planning to make our school year great!  No matter what the year ahead has in store for us, our year together in third grade will be a year for us all to keep learning and keep growing. We will make the best of our opportunities together. I look forward to getting to know all of you as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, problem solvers, and the unique individuals you are. 

Could you please have a family member electronically share a photo of you with me? It can be sent to any time from now through the first week of school. We are going to use it to create a Birthday Graph. Please be aware of its size. I will be printing it, and then I will need to cut it so that your face will fit on a 1 inch square. I look forward to seeing all of your faces on our first day. Please remember to wear your mask (bring a back up mask to keep in your backpack). You will also need a water bottle to take back and forth with you every day. If you have 3rd grade materials from the school supply list, you will be storing them in your desk. They can be unpacked on our first day. 3rd grade cubbies are small, so we will only use them for backpacks and coats when the weather gets cooler. 

I hope you are ready to dive into third grade! 


Mrs. DeTample