• Media Center Policies & Procedures

    All school rules and consequences as stated in the Conduct Code will apply.


    • Students are allowed to have drinks at the tables and carrels but no food. 
    • Students are to be mindful and respectful of the Media Center and of other students around them.  Insubordination will not be tolerated and may lead to loss of Media Center privileges.
    • Students must be working (homework, research, reading.)
    • Push in chairs, clean up work space, and log off computers when the bell rings.

    Computer Usage:

    • Food and drink near computers are NOT permitted.
    • When logging on, students must use their own user name and password.  Students who use a different user name and password from their own are in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and may have their computer privileges revoked.  Please see Mrs. Miceli or Mr. Epstein if you have any questions or problems logging in.
    • Computers are to be used for school-related work.  Students found in violation of this policy will be given a warning.  Further violations may result in loss of Media Center privileges.
    • Black and white (text) printing can be sent to Media Center printers A and B.  Limited color printing can be sent to printer B. Larger color printing jobs will need to be approved by Media Center staff. Students can print to both printers A and B from their iPads. Please see Mrs. Miceli or Mr. Epstein regarding any questions you may have regarding printing.
    • Push in chairs, log off your computer, and clean the area around you before leaving the Media Center.


    • Mrs. Miceli or Mr. Epstein will scan your ID at the Welcome Desk if you are coming in from study hall. Students with passes from other areas must also scan into the Media Center upon entering. 
    • Students in study hall who have a pass from a teacher to report to the Media Center to finish work or take a test MUST report to their study hall first for attendance.  From there, they may sign out to come to the Media Center.
    • Place due/overdue books in the book return slot at the welcome desk.
    • The Media Center charges $0.05 per day (not including weekends).  However, we will not collect fines unless they are over $1.00. Please ask Mrs. Miceli or Mr. Epstein if you have any questions about overdue fees or fines.