4 Beahm/Schrack Homework

  • Homework 


    Please check your email daily. I will be sending an email by 10 am explaining the activities of the day. 


    Mathematics: We are currently in Topic 11. Please remember to use all of our resources to your advantage

    • Prodigy
    • Khan Academy
    • IXL
    • Xtramath 

    Language Arts- We will still be using Making Meaning and Being a Writer curriculum. We require at least 30 minutes of MindPlay a day. Ms. Schrack and I also strongly encourage all students to be reading at least 20 minutes of a free choice book. 

    Social Studies- We moved into our new topic of study, Economy. We will look at what economies are, the different types and parts, and our economy in the US. 

    Science- We will be assigning Passion Projects based on your interests! 


    *Remember to email me if there are any questions, comments, or problems. (beahm@alexandriaschools.org)