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     NHS Member's Community Service Recognition 

    Congratulations to those of you recognized for your outstanding commitment to community service!!


    Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Executive Board:

    President: Armend Berisha

    Vice President: Ellie MacNamara

    Corresponding Secretary: Emily Kraynanski


    NHS Members' April Service:

    April Impact NHS2021

    NHS April 2021


    NHS Members' March Service:

    NHS March 2021

    NHS Members' February Service:

    Fed SH1

    Feb SH2


    NHS Members' January Service:









    A Thank you from Alexandria School District:



    NHS Members' December Service







    NHS Members' November Service

       November 2020   

         November 2020



    To see a recording of the NHS 2020 Virtual Induction please CLICK HERE


    NHS Induction Slideshow 


    Below are the lovely congratulatory comments offered to the NHS Inductees from our first ever virtual induction ceremony. Thanks to everyone who joined us and congratulations to all the new NHS Members!!!

    18:33:09 From adrienneolcott : Congratulations to you all! This is a great class of inductees!
    18:46:20 From Lisa Cartwright : Congratulations!!! NHS 2020!!!
    18:46:36 From Eryn Mikulicz : CONGRATS ERYN!!!
    18:46:41 From lauren stavac : Congratulations!
    18:46:43 From Lisa Cartwright : nhs@dvrhs.k12.nj.us
    18:46:44 From Merle : Congratulations Eryn!!
    18:46:47 From adrienneolcott : Woo hoo! Great job!
    18:46:47 From Schmidt : Way to go Nina!! We love you, and are so very proud! Love, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Pete
    18:46:55 From Ryan Murphy : I’m very proud to know and have worked with you folks!
    18:46:57 From iPad-JohnDenvir : atta boy Walt
    18:46:58 From Linda McIntyre : Congratulations!
    18:46:59 From Daria Wasserbach : Congratulations!
    18:47:00 From lauren stavac : Congratulations Christopher!
    18:47:01 From Katherine Caldwell : Congratulations To All and Ronan Engel from Aunt Kate in Los Angeles!
    18:47:07 From hudacri : Congratulations Nicole!!!
    18:47:12 From iPad-WalterHeiser : I did it mom! Thanks John and congrats everyone!
    18:47:21 From Debi's iPhone : Great job to all the new inductees!
    18:47:22 From adrienneolcott : Walt - you make me laugh
    18:47:25 From Meadow T : congratulations everyone!!!
    18:47:30 From Ryan Murphy : Also, good job speakers tonight :)
    18:47:40 From hudacri : Congratulations to everyone!!
    18:47:48 From Joe Marmorato : Congratulations To All! Fantastic job! You go, Hayleigh!!!
    18:47:49 From Kayla MacKinnon : thanks murph I get lots of practice in your class
    18:48:00 From adrienneolcott : This is a great group! Congrats again!
    18:48:03 From Ryan Murphy : ^^thank goodness for that
    18:48:07 From Schmidt : Congrats to all the rest!! proud Del Val alumni
    18:48:13 From Ryan Murphy : Mkay, goodnight all!
    18:48:47 From Michael Kessie : ✌️✌️