• The SchoolMessenger App allows teachers and school districts to communicate with individuals and groups of parents and students in an app-to-app setting.  Communication is app-to-app, so parents are encouraged to set their devices to allow for push notifications so they are notified when they receive messages.  Users can also visit http://go.schoolmessenger.com on any web browser to view their messages (and respond if applicable). All communication is logged and district/teacher-initiated.  Once a teacher initiates communication with a group of parents, students or individuals, this then allows for those contacted to respond back to the teacher.  Students and parents are unable to create groups, converse with each other, or initiate conversations with teachers without a teacher, advisor, or coach first creating/initiating these groups on their own.

    Del Val has built-out the classes, counseling pools, and many of the common athletics and activities that will use the SchoolMessenger app for communication, but teachers can also create their own groups and share out a unique code for their group that allows their members to join.  

    The SchoolMessenger app is available free on Google Play and Apple iTunes Store!  Registration with the app is pretty simple: download the app, sign-up using the email you have on file with Del Val, click on the link in the verification email you'll receive from SchoolMessenger to confirm your account and then log in with the email that you have on file with Del Val and log in!

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