Additional Music Activities 3-5 Grade

  • Students in Grades 3-5

    Choose from one or more of the following activities!

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    Campfire Songs










    Rhythmic Bucket Drumming - HD South


    Online Music Games and Activities

    The following websites have fun educational music games.



    Classics for Kids by Cincinnati Public Radio | Learn Classical Music



    Chrome Music Lab | Know Your Meme



    PBS Kids - Wikipedia



    Have a Dance Party

    Turn up the music with your favorite songs and dance!  Mix it up and play Freeze Dance.

    Link to Ms. Button's youtube playlist.

    Dance Break Songs

    Snoopy Happy Dance GIF - Snoopy HappyDance Excited - Discover ...


    Or go to Go Noodle for lots of interactive songs and dances.

    Dance and Sing along at

     Moose Tube - GoNoodle


    Family/friend sing along

    • Have a family and/or friends sing along.  Sing silly, folk, or favorite songs together.  
    • Make up a show using favorite songs and share it with your family.
    • Hold a mini Frenchtown’s Got Talent!  Take turns singing songs, dancing, or showing off your best talent!

    Link to Mrs. Ippolito's youtube playlists

    3-5 Sing Along Songs

    Sing-Along Songs Spotify Playlist


    Patriotic Songs

    Patriotic Music Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

    Earth Day Songs/Activities

    Earth Day 2020 - 50th Anniversary | Pitt Sustainability


    Make Your Own Instrument

    Create your own instrument using things you have at home!


    • Take two paper plates, put rice, macaroni, beads etc on one of the plates.  Staple plates together. Decorate. Play your new shaker, drum, tambourine!
    • Put rice, macaroni, beads etc inside a cup. Cover with a coffee filter, aluminum foil, plastic wrap etc.  Play your new shaker!
    • Turn a pot or bowl upside down.  Find a plastic or wooden spoon. Play your new drum!
    • Find a bucket and turn it upside down.  Find a wooden spoon, chopsticks, spoon. Play your new Drum!
    • Use your imagination!  Make up your own instrument.  Remember percussion instruments are struck, shaken, or scraped!

    Play your new instrument along with your favorite song.


    Share your music!  Comment about the music activities you do at home on the Comments page under your grade.  You can also keep a log at home and give it to Ms. Button when you return to school, if you prefer.


    Feel free to email me at if you have any questions!


    Mrs. Ippolito