As we become more interdependent through economic, geopolitical, environmental, and cultural globalization, it is imperative that our students are future ready for engaging and participating in the world at large. The DVRHS International Studies Academy seeks to offer motivated and globally-interested students with the tools they will need in order to pursue careers and studies that create solutions and build bridges between diverse cultures and communities. Through participation and completion of the program, students will develop entrepreneurship skills and focus to be part of the upcoming generation of critically-thinking problem-solvers and global citizens.

    Students in the International Studies Academy are strongly encouraged to take advantage of DVRHS extra- curricular clubs such as International Club or Model UN. Additionally, students are encouraged to take advantage of summer travel or exchange opportunities.


    In order to successfully graduate from the International Studies Academy, students must complete twenty (20) credits of World Language. Five (5) of these credits must be the third sequential year of a language. Students must also complete 15 credits of Social Studies elective courses, and 5 credits in specified Practical Arts courses.

    Students are required to take an Environmental Science course (AP or CP) as upperclassmen. A math class in Probability and Statistics is recommended during the senior year.

    Course Sequence

    9th Grade: Global Studies (5cr.), Global Entrepreneurship & Law, International Marketing (5cr.)*, World Language (5cr.)

    10th Grade: International Diplomacy (2.5cr.), Model United Nations (2.5cr.), World Language (5cr.)

    11th Grade: Human Rights & Genocide (2.5cr.), Economics (2.5cr.), World Language (5cr.)

    12th Grade: CP or AP Environmental Science (5cr.) [CP or AP Statistics is recommended] (5cr.), World Language (5cr.)

    *Satisfies the Practical Art graduation requirement 

    Concurrent Enrollment Opportunities

    -AP Environmental Science with Mrs. Grady (Introduction to Environmental Studies, ENVL 1101, 3 credits)
    -AP European History with Mr. Tinnes (Western Civilization I, HIST1201-PDV, 3 credits)
    -AP US History with Mr. Kluska (US History I, HIST 1301, 3 credits)
    -AP Spanish Language and Culture with Ms. Gursky (Intermediate Spanish I, SPAN 2001, 3 credits) FALL SEMESTER
    -AP Spanish Language and Culture with Ms. Gursky (Intermediate Spanish II, SPAN 2002, 3 credits) MUST HAVE PASSED FALL 
    -German IV Honors with Mr. McPherson (Elementary German I, GERM 1001 PDV, 3 credits) FALL SEMESTER
    -German IV Honors with Mr. McPherson (Elementary German II, GERM 1002 PDV, 3 credits) MUST HAVE PASSED FALL
    -Environmental Science CP with Mrs. Grady (CRN 16832, ENVI 102, Sec. 80X, Environmental Science & Sustainability, 4 credits)
    -Human Rights and Genocide (The Holocaust, Genocide, and Modern Humanity, ID 1800, 3 credits)
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