• National Honor Society Members

    Please login to Canvas and check the NHS Canvas Course for specific information, announcements, membership benefits, and more. If you are not a member of the course, please contact Mrs. Miceli or Mrs. Cartwright. 

    Forms for Members:  

    ABSENTEE Google Form 

    INNERVIEW- for logging and finding service hours

    Requirements to maintain membership in the Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Honor Society 

    1. Members must maintain a 93 or better-weighted average. Any member whose grade average falls below 93 shall be warned and will have one semester to improve.
    2. The Honor Society is a service organization and as such our projects and meetings are important. All members are expected to support our projects and to perform a minimum of two hours of service monthly outside of NHS-sponsored events.
    3. If a member misses more than two meetings or activities without an approved reason, the Faculty Council will reconvene to discuss the status of the student’s membership.
    4. All members are expected to maintain the standards used as the basis for their selection and to serve as role models in the DVRHS community.

    National Honor Society Criteria for Warning Letters 

    Conduct reports

    Each administrative conduct report counts as a strike unless it is for a more serious infraction. An email will be issued for the first conduct report. A letter will be issued for the second conduct report.

    Tardies to School

    4 Tardies – An email will be issued and will count as one strike.

    9 Tardies – A letter will be sent and will count as an additional strike.

    Missed meetings

    Each unexcused meeting counts as strike. A letter will be sent for the second unexcused meeting and a second strike issued.

    Service Hours

    An email will be sent out for any month where service hours are below the appropriate cumulative amount. A letter will be sent out if no corrective action is taken within a month’s time.

    Faculty Council Dismissal Hearing

    A letter will be sent with a time to meet with the faculty council when three accumulated strikes occur.