Ms. Hurley and her dad

We all have great stories that are worth remembering! Here are some family stories collected by Frenchtown Students.

  • Vinny's family tells a story about a cruise to Mexico and some very memorable servers. 

     Christian's Mom tells a story about someone who had ONE JOB to do!

    Simon's Dad tells us a story about using humor to handle a frustrating situation.


    Saige's dog shares a story about her "trip" at the beachhouse.

    Brin's Mom tells a story leading up to her 16th birthday while working at the A&P (now IGA). 


    Nya's Dad tells us about a very scary flight with a new pilot.

    Jayse's Mom tells us how Jayse got his middle name.


    Lindsey's Dad tells a tale of a very thankful bunch of squirrels.


    Circe's Dad tells a great story about a boy who was not afraid to ask for what he wanted.

    Avery's Mom tells about a scary time alone on the farm in Florida.


    Pierre's Grandmother tells us about a rare sight here in Frenchtown.