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Del Val Chapter Quill & Scroll Officers

  • Del Val's chapter of Quill & Scroll is expanding for the 2022-23 school year!

    For the first time ever, Quill & Scroll is looking for officers to help run the society's activities within the school and the Del Val community.

    For those interested in running for an officer position, please read the following criteria and submit your application to Mr. Smith via email by Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

    Criteria to apply:

    1. You must participate as an active member of one of Del Val's publications in the year you hold the position (The Delphi, DVTV, Literary Magazine, Yearbook)
    2. You must maintain a B average in your classes in the year you hold the position.
    3. You must participate in Quill & Scroll community service and fundraising activites throughout the school year.
    4. You will serve as a mentor to our new Youth Journalism program.

    How to apply:

        For the 2022-23 school year, the application process will take the form of a video essay OR in-person interview.  Applicants should submit a 1-2 minute video essay where he/she/they describes why he/she/they would fulfill the position well and ideas that he/she/they has for activities that Del Val's chapter of Quill & Scroll could sponsor.

        For video applications, email your submissions to briansmith@dvrhs.k12.nj.us by midnight on the 25th.

        For in-person interviews, please email briansmith@dvhrs.k12.nj.us to schedule an interview during lunch on the 25th.


    President: Runs the meetings, along with the advisor, and organizes club activities

    Vice President: Assists the president in his/her/their duties

    Secretary: Documents meeting discussions for publication on the website