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  • Welcome to the International Club!


    Students are invited to join International Club, which strives to explore and learn about different cultural groups and their practices through student research projects, conversations with individuals from different cultural backgrounds, and sharing of personal experiences with different cultural groups.  Cultural topics include, but are not limited to, language, food, clothing, daily routines, lifestyle choices, education, and societal roles.


    Students who join are enrolled in a Canvas page for the duration of the school year to interact and receive messages about meetings and events.


    Club Officers 2021 -2022:

    President: Hayleigh Marmorato
    Vice President: Poppy Alexis
    Secretary: Ronan Engel
    Treasurer: Marissa Picione
    Activities Director: Abigail Gruenberg
    Co-advisors: Kari Gursky ( and Deborah Henry (