8th Grade Science

  • Units

    microscope iconCells and Cellular Processes

    DNA iconGenetics

    Leaf iconNatural Selection

    Atom icon

    Structure & Properties of Matter

    Test tube icon Chemical Reactions

    Identifying types of cells


    Cellular transport





    DNA verse RNA


    Transcription & Translation



    Survival of the fittest


    Human influence on inheritance

    States of matter and changes of state






    Mass vs Weight


    Chemical processes


    Chemical equations



    Class Expectations

    1. Be Present: If you are not in class, you will miss important activities and information that can be difficult to make up.  Your classmates and teacher will miss your contribution to class, as well.
    2. Be Polite: Classmates and your teacher will treat each other with respect and encouragement. We are a community of learners here to support each other!
    3. Be Prepared: Come to class with homework completed and with necessary supplies.
    4. Be Punctual: Come to class on time. Our class only can function at its best when every member of the class is present and we use every possible moment for learning.



    Tips to help you earn a good grade:

    • Come to class prepared and ready to go-
      • Be in your seat with materials out and ready
      • You should be working on the Do Now at the start of the class.
    • Keep a well organized notebook-
      • It will help you prepare for quizzes and test!
    • Complete assignments on time-
      • Homework is used to help reinforce what we learned in class.
        • If your work is not turned in or completed this will affect your other grades on your quizzes and tests.
      • If you are absent, it is your responsibility for the work you missed and to make it up!
    • Review class website for additional online resources, I will be building and developing it as the year progresses.
    • Ask questions!!! There are no stupid questions, the only stupid “question” is not asking any.


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