• Third Graders do some heavy lifting in math this year! Not only are we going to continue building our math sense and problem-solving abilities, but we will spend a significant amount of time learning about and working with multiplication and division and building fact fluency as we progress through the year. Fractions, adding & subtracting, measurement, and geometry will come in later as well. 


    Here are some programs we use and helpful links! 






    Pet Bingo

    Sushi Monster

  • We are using programs from The Center for the Collaborative Classroom in our ELA time in third grade. The programs blend social/emotional learning with academic skills and practice. Both programs prioritize modeling and work with mentor texts together as a class, and supported reading and writing time each day. Students discuss and share often with one another, as well as conference with teachers on a regular basis. In this section, we'll add links and resources from CCC as well as additional resources and information for you.


    CCC Family Letter

  • Science & Social Studies