• Milford Public School Programs
    Student-Centered Learning
    At Milford Public School, the approach to teaching and learning centers on the individual student. Students’ growth, academically and socially, is assessed on a continuum over time. The longitudinal data on each child enables the staff to tailor instruction for individual needs that creates a developmentally appropriate program for each and every child. 
    Music Program
    MPS music program schedules performances annually at the school, festivals, and community events. 
    Positive Climate for both Students and Teachers
    The best work is always accomplished when people are happy. Milford Public School is a place where the teachers and administrators love teaching, and students love learning. It is a small, tight-knit school where staff and students know each other and work together in a risk-free environment. New ideas are embraced, tested, and put to work for learning.
    How is Milford delivering the best learning?

    Literacy Assessment
    Student literacy development is constantly assessed and utilized to deliver individualized instruction. Throughout the year, student reading levels are assessed utilizing Fountas and Pinnell to help create strategy and reading groups. The classrooms are filled with a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts to help foster a love of reading in our students.   
    Technology for Education
    Technology is a key tool for learning at MPS. MPS school has been building technological resources. Students in PK-1 utilize iPads and Google Apps for their instruction. Grades 2-5 use Chromebooks. The integration of technology is just another tool to help improve student engagement.