•  United States History I CP:    
    Computer Lab Assignment for June 3:
    1.  Choose one aspect of the Civil War which interests you.  (Perhaps uniforms, a certain weapon, music, a particular battle, a certain person or leader, the role slaves played, role of women, etc.)
    2.  Research the aspect that interests you.
    3.  Type a 1-2 page paper about 5 details of the subject you picked.  Make sure to explain the details and refer to the source you used.  You must have an introduction, body and conclusion. 
    4.  Have fun with the research and learning about the Civil War!
    5.  50 point assignment:  (10 poiints for each:  essay format, inclusion of topic, inclusiion of 5 details, serious approach, overalll effect)
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    Criminal Justice:   
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