• The History Of Soccer/Football



    Who Created Soccer:
    England has claimed over the years that they have created what we know as soccer/football. Although, China has also claimed that they have played the game for centuries before anyone else had played. No one really knows for sure who created the beautiful game. Obviously, many countries have developed their version of soccer/football overtime by pitching in new rules. But the big question still lies deep down in history- who invented soccer?


    Where Its Name Came From:
    Unlike who created soccer, we do know who created its name- England. Many people think it is called soccer/football because you kick the ball instead of throwing the ball. This is just part of why it is called soccer/football. Soccer/football was and still is, being played on foot. But the name was used because it was played on foot and not horseback. It was a little unusual back then because most sports were played on horseback, for example, jousting.


Last Modified on March 8, 2018