To foster a connected green school community in which students develop into life-long environmental stewards by educating and implementing sustainable practices that will protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.


    2018-2019 Green Team Members

    Teresa Barna, Business Administrator/Team Leader

    Daria Wasserbach, Superintendent

    Adrienne Olcott, Principal

    Geoffrey Stanley, Board Member

    Mattie O'Brien, Educational Facilities Manager

    Nicole Carro, Science Supervisor

    Ron Marinelli, Custodian

    Sarah Ruppert, Environmental Club Advisor/DVREA Rep

    Ruth Graves, Environmental Club Advisor/DVREA Rep

    Nancy Braddee, School Nurse

    Donna Daku, Volunteer

    Callie Triano, Student Representative

    Kayleigh Lalumiere, Student Representative