School districts in New Jersey operate under the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, also known as Title 59. This act preserves the common-law rule of "sovereign immunity," which prevents individuals or companies from bringing claim against the government.

    To ensure students receive adequate protection from accidental injuries, the courts place upon schools a legal "duty of care" obligation. Duty of care means schools must do everything reasonably possible to protect students from foreseeable harm. Therefore, a school is not responsible for injuries that occur on school property if the "duty of care" standard is being met.

    The Frenchtown Board of Education does not carry a Supplemental Student Accident Policy. If a student is injured during a school sponsored or supervised event, the child's personal insurance would be responsible for the cost of care related to the injury. There is no coverage provided through the Board of Education that would cover any out of pocket expenses. 

    Parents can enroll in a voluntary policy that will assist with out of pocket expenses. Policy information and enrollment information can be accessed here.

    Parent Enrollment Packet

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