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    5th and 8th Grade Social Studies

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    Hello and welcome! I hope you all had a fun summer. This is my second year teaching Social Studies and my first year at Alexandria Middle School. I'm looking forward to having a great year where we get the chance to learn about our past history and how to become effective citizens in a rapidly changing world.


    I graduated from Rider University with a Bachelor's degree in Social Studies and Secondary Education. I currently live in Montgomery Township with my family. I have a serious passion for history, playing the drums and bass guitar, collecting comic books, and the Green Bay Packers. I am looking forward to learning about the students' interests and developing the connections that are so vital for success in the classroom.


    I believe that all students have something unique to offer in the world, and it is our job as educators to help students discover their strengths and use them to the best of their ability in order to be successful in the real world. I believe that the best way to keep students engaged in their education is through interactive and collaborative learning. I am a big fan of interactive lessons and partner/group activities that teach students how to be active learners and effective contributors. In my personal experience, students learn more by doing rather than simply listening.


    Most importantly, students in my class will learn to treat each other with respect and maintain a positive attitude. They will learn how to become responsible and productive individuals who will make the most of their learning experience.



    5th Grade Topics of Study
    *The Stone Age
    *Ancient Mesopotamia
    *Ancient Egypt
    *Greek and Roman Mythology
    *Ancient India
    *Ancient China
    8th Grade Topics of Study
    *Expansion and Reform
    *Civil War and Reconstruction
    *Active Citizenship in 21st Century 
    For any updates regarding homework and major assignments, please refer to the calendars! I will keep these updated frequently throughout the year.


    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. Email is the ideal way to reach me at any time and I will reply as soon as possible.