• Milford School’s 9th Annual Acceptance Day

    was on February 27, 2020.  


    Acceptance Day is a special day in honor and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., meant to celebrate differences in our school, our community, and our world. Each year community members and friends of the school are invited to speak to our students about their cultural background and/or their experiences with a disability. When Miss Bruner was a student at Upper Moreland Middle School, Acceptance Day was her favorite day of the year - she loved learning about different cultures and how different people lived their lives. She knew that when she became a teacher she wanted to create the same experience for her students. Miss Bruner began teaching in 2000, saw an opportunity to create an Acceptance Day for her students at Frenchtown School in 2004, and brought the day to her students at Milford Public School in 2012, where it continues to be held annually. 


    Interested in being a presenter? Contact Miss Bruner



     What have we learned about on Acceptance Day?



    A Taste of Britain, Sweden, Costa Rica, Positive Message Bag Design Craft, Different - Not Better, All About Me Kit Sharing,

    No Arms - No Legs - No Worries, Eda Ne Kakati (From Past to Present) 



     Ireland, Williams Syndrome, Diet Diversity, Identical Twins, Coping with Cleft Deformities in Columbia's

    Poor Neighborhoods, We're All Here for Each Other, No Arms - No Legs - No Worries, Traditions of India



    Lebanon, Sweden, Art Talks: Communicating Through Art, USA: A Country of Immigrants, 

    African-American Culture, We're All Here for Each Other, Diabetes, Taking the "Dis" out of Disability



    El Salvador, No Matter What Happens to You, Being Positive, ADHD,

    Mexico/Costa Rica, Music of the Earth



     Puerto Rico, Australia, Costa Rica, Finding Tolerance in our Hearts, Aikido, Denmark,

    Relationships: Why Can't We All Just Get Along?, Russian Folk Dancing



    Wearing Eye Glasses, Mexican Culture, India, Niger, Service Dogs, Jamaica, Celtic Culture,

    Let's Appreciate What We Have, African Dance & Drum



    Women's Rights, International Food Court, Halmoni's Day: Discovering Heritage Through Story,

    Spain: School vs. Escuela, Williams Syndrome, Acceptance, No Arms - No Legs - No Worries, Chinese Acrobats



    Diabetes, Guatemala, Russia, Therapy Dogs, Riding with Heart, If Crayons Could Talk, Two-Legged Nation



    Italy, Food Allergies, Scotland, The Seeing Eye, Kosovo, Wiliams Syndrome, No Arms-No Legs-No Worries, America's Heroes


    Interested in being a presenter? Contact Miss Bruner


Milford students hear about diverse experiences during 'Acceptance Day'

MILFORD - This week when students say "yo" they're not uttering a slang greeting, they're speaking Albanian. That's how the Albanian word for no, "jo," is pronounced, one of many things students learned on the school's first "acceptance day" on Feb. 8. School parent Eduard Berisha taught them "jo" and the word for yes, "po."