In 2016/2017, the Delaware Valley Regional High School engaged educational and community stakeholders to analyze our declining enrollment to identify and recommend steps to ensure our ability to continue to deliver a quality educational and co-curricular program. The focus was to include developing plans in the areas of finance; facilities and transportation; and curriculum and instruction, including technology.

    The result is the Delaware Valley Regional High School Educational Long Range Plan (in alignment with the DVRHS Strategic Plan)

    Strategy: Utilize Career Clusters and Pathways as a means of bridging high school and post-high school plans of study or career options.

    Action Plans:

    3.1 Select programs of study based upon student interest and available resources.

    3.2 The district will establish “academy-like” programs aligned to selected Career Clusters and Pathways.

    3.3 Partner students and local businesses to provide for internships, mentorships, structured learning experiences, and other learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom.

    The Results: Delaware Valley Regional High School currently offers five academy programs.

    • Biomedical Science Academy (launched 2017/2018)
    • Computer Science and Software Engineering Academy (launched 2018/2019)
    • Engineering Academy (launched 2017/2018)
    • Fine and Performing Arts Academy (launched 2018/2019)
    • Agriculture Academy (launched 2018/2019)

    A sixth program will roll out in the 2020/2021 school year: International Studies Academy