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  • Zoom Webinar Information:

    In order to actively participate in Zoom webinars, you must first download and install the free app client available on the websites listed below! It is recommended you do this in advance of trying to join a Zoom webinar so that you can test your audio and video controls beforehand.

    Please visit: https://zoom.us/support/download to download and install the Zoom app client for PC or Mac in order to participate in Webinar on a computer.

    Please visit the Apple App store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id546505307 to download the mobile app for your iPad or iPhone

    Android tablet or phone users, please visit the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings to add the app to your device.

    Testing Zoom Video & Audio:

    After downloading and installing the Zoom application, you will want to launch the Zoom application on your device and test your video and audio settings to ensure everything is connected properly prior to joining a webinar.

    To test your Audio & Mic settings:

    1. Click on this link: https://dvrhs.zoom.us/j/88356756241?pwd=Q2ZlTGE3cVo4VVkwTGlBMlR5ai9sUT09 to launch a practice Zoom webinar session. A 'waiting for host' pop-up window will appear indicating that the host has not started the webinar- this is expected behavior.)

    Zoom Webinar Waiting for Host

    2. Click or tap on 'Test my speaker.'

    3. A Settings menu window will appear behind the  'Test my speaker' pop-up. Click or tap onto the Settings menu to bring to the front of your screen.

    Zoom webinar attendee settings menu

    4. Click or tap on 'Test Speaker' and 'Test Mic' to ensure your speakers (or headphones) and microphone are working properly.

    Zoom webinar test my speaker and Test mic  


    5. Click on the red bubble in the upper lefthand corner to close the Settings Menu window and the 'x' in the upper lefthand corner of the 'Waiting for Host...' pop-up window to end your speaker and microphone test session.


    Different Ways to Join a Webinar:

    To join the webinar, click the link that the host provided you (via email or posting) or that you received on the confirmation page after if you registered. If the host sent a registration confirmation email, the link can also be found there. You can also join a webinar manually by launching the Zoom application on your device, clicking on 'Join Meeting,' and entering the 9-digit webinar ID code, then tapping on 'join' or clicking on 'Join a Meeting.' Enter your name and email address (if required by the host) and click 'Join Webinar" or "Join.'

    Zoom Webinar Finish Registration window

    If the host has not started the webinar yet, you'll receive the message below message when joining the webinar. You can test your speaker while you wait. Pro tip: If you cannot hear audio coming from your computer speakers, check your audio output settings to ensure they may not be connected to headphones or another external speaker device. If you are using headphones and cannot hear, ensure the audio jack is completely plugged into the device's audio port (if using wired headphones) and if you're connecting via Bluetooth, check your Bluetooth connection setup.

    Zoom wait for host to start webinar

    The final way to join a webinar is through call-in via telephone. Simply dial the phone number listed for the Zoom Webinar, enter the Webinar ID followed by the # sign, then enter the Webinar Passcode (Password) and press # again to be brought into the call-in versioning of Zoom Webinar.

    Webinar Notes for Call-In Attendees:

    Press *6 to mute/unmute your audio to speak.

    Dial *9 to raise your hand.

    Note: You can't use a phone to lower your hand, but the host can lower your hand from their controls.

    Raising Hand during Webinar: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/205566129-Raising-your-hand-in-a-webinar

    Zoom Webinar Atendee Controls:

    As a webinar attendee, you have minimal controls as compared to the controls a host may have.

    Select the carrot next to 'Audio Settings' to select your preferred Audio settings.  Clicking on 'Raise Hand' will alert the host and panelists of the webinar that you would like to speak, and prompt them to notify you to unmute yourself. The host can also select to lower your hand at that time as well.  A message will be sent to your screen asking you to unmute to speak, select 'unmute' to allow your microphone access, and 'mute' when you have completed verbally sharing in the webinar. You can elect to 'Raise Hand' at any point (and multiple times) during a webinar. 'Q&A' allows for a question/answer-type forum to be viewed and added to by participants. Clicking on 'Leave Meeting' will remove you from the webinar. You can always elect to rejoin the webinar by clicking on the link or re-entering the webinar ID information provided to you. Tap 'Raise Hand' at the bottom of the screen to alert the host that you are requesting the ability to unmute yourself to speak. Tap 'Lower Hand' to put your hand back down (this removes the host's alert of your hand being raised).

    Webinar Zoom Attendee Controls              
    (Mobile View) 

    Zoom Webinar Attendee Dock Desktop View
    (Desktop View)

    *Note: Some meeting control options may not be available if disabled by the host.*

    When you enter a Zoom webinar as an attendee, your audio and video controls will appear in the lower lefthand corner of your screen.  Other function buttons will appear across the bottom dock of your screen (depending on the host's meeting settings). Closed Captioning is available and can be hidden or made visible by 

    Zoom Attendee Controls: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/200941109-Attendee-controls-in-a-meeting