8th Grade Orientation Information

  • Thank you to all who attended our Class of 2025 Virtual Orientation Night on Thursday, February 4, 2021. Here is the recording of the webinar.

    If you did not receive a scheduling contract please email Sally Brunkus in the Curriculum Office at sallybrunkus@dvrhs.k12.nj.us

    Unfortunately, we are not able to showcase our immensely talented students or provide an opportunity for you to roam the hallways to meet and greet some of our freshmen teachers and students. We will, however, provide you with the following resources to give you information to supplement Thursday’s curriculum overview. Next week, beginning February 8th and running through February 11th, we will be providing virtual sessions to allow you to interact and ask specific questions of supervisors and teachers in each department. Two 30-minute sessions will run each evening beginning at 7PM. Click on the navigation bar on the left for the schedule and Zoom link for the "February 8-11 Virtual Department Sessions."


  • Child Study and School Counseling Departments

  • Mathematics

    Freshman Math 9-12 Math Program Computer Science Academy

  • Science

    Freshman Science 9-12 Science Program Biomedical Science Academy

  • English/Social Studies

    Freshman English/Social Studies Social Studies

  • World Languages

  • Practical Arts

    Industrial Technology and Engineering Business

  • Fine Arts

    Music Performing Arts Visual Arts