Mr. David deWolfe
    Mathematics:  7th, 8th, Pre-Algebra(7th), Algebra(8th)
    Social Studies: 8th
    Letter to students and parents: 
    Welcome to the start of the 2022-2023 school year.  This year will prove to be nothing short of historic, as we all begin the year with so many changes from a typical September.  Let's all embrace the unique aspects of this school year and enjoy the opportunities it presents for us as teachers, students, and parents.  I invite all of my students to challenge themselves to have their most successful school year ever and strive to be the most dedicated learners they've ever been.  With school evolving into a "blending" of both in-person and online learning, this is the time for our proud FES students to truly shine and show themselves what they can accomplish.  I look forward to starting another great year with all of you!
    For important information about each course, please use Google Drive as the go-to online resource for your child's classes.  They will be shared on all important files, homework, and video attachments.
    Middle School Math and 8th Grade Social Studies Supply List:


    Loose Leaf lined paper (~70 sheets)

    1-Inch binder to share for Math and Social Studies (3-ring)

    3-5 Dividers for the binder

    2-pocket folder for math

    2-pocket folder for Social Studies

    Stylus pen (for use with iPad)

    Scientific Calculator - Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS (recommended by 9/25/22)

    Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Solar Scientific Calculator | PCRichard.com |  TI30X-IIS

          (908) 996 2751  x7401
     Meet the Teacher:  I grew up in Hillsborough, NJ where I graduated high school.  During my time there, I was involved in several sports and clubs, including Cross Country, Swimming, Track and Field, Math Team, and Interact.  For college, I attended Stony Brook University on Long Island, where I earned a B.S. in Mathematics.  I was also a member of both the Cross Country and Track and Field teams, the Student-Athlete Council, and earned several honors including: Academic All-American, Dean's List, and a full athletic scholarship.  I began my teaching career in 2007 and have taught both middle school and high school mathematics.  I earned an M.A. in Educational Leadership from TCNJ in 2013.  I'm excited to continue bringing my passion and knowledge to my FES students this year!
     My Education 
    "If you are unwilling to learn, no one can help you.  If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you."