• Tina Snyder

    Email Address: snyder@Alexandriaschools.org

    Subject Area: Grade 5 & 6 ICRS Special Education 

     Mrs. Hofman and I
    Welcome to my web page :) 
    I am a graduate of LDW, AMS, and Delaware Valley Regional High School & I love teaching at my alma mater! I first wanted to become a teacher in second grade when Mrs. Weinstein, who long retired from LDW, inspired me with her hands-on teaching style, sea shell collection and annual puppet play. Decades later, I was given the opportunity to grace the halls again, but this time, inspire those the way Mrs. Weinstein and her collegues inspired me.   This year I am the ICS teacher in 5-1 ELA, sixth grade Math, and Fifth Grade Science.  
    I am a graduate of Cedar Crest College where I received a B.A. in Elementary Education and Communications Studies with a concentration in Journalism. I also received a K-8 Special Education Cert from Rutgers University. My first few years out of college, I worked as a newspaper reporter covering Hunterdon and Somerset Counties. I began teaching in Newark, NJ and then went on to teach in the suburbs. I am a mom to two children and my parents still live in Alexandria Township.  Personally, I love hiking, fishing, exploring towns, historical sites, and canoeing.  I am a Hunterdon County girl at heart and love the outdoors. 
    This year I will be ICRS for 5th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies. 

    Language Arts Overview: 

    We will be using a program, Collaborative Classroom, to guide our literacy journey. We will be exploring various genres, such as fairy tales, novels and informational text all throughout our time together. We'll use fun and engaging anchor texts to learn and develop our reading and writing skills. As literacylearners,we will implement these skills and strategies in all the texts we read, both as a class and independently. Students will be instructed on how to choose reading material that is appropriate for them, and helps them grow as readers and writers! We will collaborate as a team and share our strategies with the class on a daily basis.
    5th Grade Topics of Study: *Reading and writing strategies and skills will be taught throughout the units
    * The Reading Community: Fiction
    * Using Text Features: Expository Fiction
    * Questioning: Expository Nonfiction
    * Analyzing Text Structure: Fiction
    * Making Inferences: Fiction and Poetry
    * Making Inferences: Fiction and Expository Nonfiction
    * Analyzing Text Structure: Expository Nonfiction
    * Determining Important Ideas and Summarizing: Narrative Nonfiction and Fiction
    * Synthesizing: Fiction and Expository Nonfiction