Emily Canavan (Schrack)

    4th Grade Special Education Co-Teacher
    Room 58 Boyce/Canavan
    Welcome! I hope you join me in my excitement to begin a new school year! I am looking forward to co-teaching in 4th grade again this year with Mrs. Boyce. We'll be settling into our new location (room 58) and can't wait to get started on a wonderful journey full of growth, learning, and fun. Please see our shared classroom page for reminders, homework, and class information here.
    Check back for helpful resources during the year, but always feel free to contact me with questions, feedback, or just to keep in touch! Open communication is crucial to our success this year and is always encouraged.  
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  • Want some suggestions to get ready for 4th grade? Here are some games, activities, and resources to practice your skills and prepare for the year ahead.



    IXL is a GREAT resource for practicing math, la, and subject area skills. Consider having your child complete the diagnostic assessment and then choosing recommended skills to practice. There are also topic categories to choose from and skill plans assigned by their teacher. 



    There are lots of apps out there to practice math and reading skills. Pet Bingo, Sushi Monster, and apps by Nessy are some of our favorites. 


    Card Games

    There are lots of card games that help build working memory, recall, problem-solving, and fluency skills. Check out the ones below!




    Read together, or help set your child up on Libby or another platform for access to audiobooks. Building a love and appreciation for stories and literature is essential for so many reasons. Don't let decoding or fluency frustrations prevent your child from enjoying the best part of reading. 


    Games! Games! Games!

    Almost all games help build crucial skills related to the following:

    • awareness
    • regulation
    • critical thinking
    • strategy
    • decision-making/deciding
    • following directions
    • self-control
    • patience
    • problem solving
    • conflict resolution
    • frustration tolerance
    • coordination
    • taking turns
    • fairness
    • handling disappointment
    • listening
    • dealing with teasing or losing