• Mrs. Marissa Geary, MA, NCSP

    Mental Health Counselor

    School Psychologist/Case Manager

    (908) 996-2131 ext. 6907



    Be Kind 

    Mrs. Geary is the mental health counselor and a school psychologist at Delaware Valley Regional High School. Mrs. Geary is part of the child study team and works closely with the school counseling department and SAC counselor. As the mental health counselor, Mrs. Geary provides group and individual counseling to students and presents programs on various mental health topics to students and staff. 

    Mrs. Geary helps students address concerns with anxiety, depression, self-harm, bullying or peer issues, relationships, self-esteem, ADD/ADHD, family, grief/loss, or anger management. She is here for you if you have any concerns about your own or your friend's well-being. Students are welcome to come by her office at D121 or set up a meeting.

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