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     Judy Warmingham
     Email Address: judywarmingham@dvrhs.k12.nj.us
     Room:  C102
     Telephone extension:  8166 
     Subjects  2018-2019:
      Geometry Elements (periods 1A and 2A) 
      CP Geometry (periods 3A and 1B)
     Honors PreCalc/Trig (period 3B) 
    Math Extra Help (any level) available in C102 during Unit Lunch
       Email beforehand for a pass
    Math Extra Help after school (any level) 
       C102 after school on MOST Tuesdays (longer), Wednesdays & Thursdays (until 3) 
    Math League Advisor:
       Challenge yourself to complete six thought-provoking math problems in a half hour time frame
       Potential extra credit opportunity for your math class (see your teacher for policies in your class) 
       Calculator allowed (ipad not allowed as a calculator) 
       Each math contest is available at 2:30 but you can arrive up to 3:00
       Come for one contest or come for them all
       Email me if you want to participate but are unable to attend during the regular time
       Email me if you are interested in helping peer-tutor math
       Location: C102
       Time:      2:30pm-3:30pm  
       Dates:      October 16 (Tues)
                      November 13 (Tues)
                      December 11 (Tues)
                      January 8 (Tues)
                      February 12 (Tues)
                      March 19 (Tues) 
        BS Chemical Engineering (Bucknell University 1981)
        BA Biology (Bucknell University 1981) 
        MS Statistics (Rutgers University 1999)
       EdS Education Leadership, Management and Policy (Seton Hall University 2015) 
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