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    Genesis Student Information System

    Kingwood Township School uses Genesis as its student information system (database), and parents are able to access important information about their child through our secure Parent Portal:

    • Student attendance records
    • Student homeroom assignments (K-4)
    • Student schedules (K-8)
    • Assignment/Quiz grades (5-8)
    • Report Cards (K-8)
    • Emergency contacts currently on file 
    • Other information is added as needed

    In addition, the Parent Portal is used to share teacher assignments prior to the start of a new school year and to collect updated information and parental consents annually in September.

    Accessing Your Parent Portal Account

    • At the top of every page on the District's website, there is an icon for the Parent Portal near the center of the page. Just click and you will be taken to our Genesis homepage. Or, click this link to go to the Parent Portal. 
    • For new parents: Upon entering your child's registration information into Genesis, Genesis will auto-generate an email that will allow you to set up your new Parent Portal account.
    • For existing parents having difficulty logging on: Click on the Parent Portal icon on the top of any District webpage, enter the email address you provided to the District, and click on "Forgot Password." An email will be sent to your email account to assist you in resetting your password.

    How do I access my parent portal account?

    Genesis Parent Portal

    How do I create an account to access my student's Genesis information?

    If you have provided your child's school main office with an email address, then you will receive a Genesis system generated email with your username (email address provided) and password. If you have not provided an email address for communication, you will need to contact your child's school main office to provide an email address to receive the Genesis system generated email with your username and password.

    Will Genesis accounts automatically be linked if I have multiple students attending Kingwood Township School?

    Yes, the first screen you will see is your child's Student Data Summary. This is your child's dashboard screen. You will see a 'dashboard' for every child linked to your login account. All your children will be on one screen.

    What if I forget my Genesis Parent Portal password?

    Click the forgot password prompt on the Genesis Parent Portal

    What if I misplaced or did not receive a Genesis Parent Portal username?

    If you have not received your information or accidentally disposed of it, you will need to contact the main office 908-996-2941

    Why must I create a Parent/Guardian Account when I can just share my child's?

    • If you have more than one child attending Kingwood Township School, you may access all your children's information by a Parent login.
    • K-12 Parents will be able to monitor their child's attendance, access important school documents, and view report cards.
    • 5-8 Parents will be able to monitor their child's progress and teachers can use their gradebook to give parents and students information on academic progress and attendance.

    Does Genesis have a mobile app that I can download?

    No, Genesis does not have a mobile app. You may choose to bookmark the URL with a shortcut on your mobile device to make logging in easier.