Art Club: This club encourages creativity through a variety of activities and projects, above and beyond the regular curriculum. Art Club will meet a minimum of 10 times per year. Activities will be based on student interest and can vary drastically from year to year. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Art exhibitions, critiques, service projects and field trips throughout the year.
    Book Club: This club encourages a student’s interest in reading and book discussion using both print and electronic texts. Literary and informational texts as well as memoirs, graphic novels, and other relevant new releases are read and elucidated every three weeks. Lively discussions will increase a student’s fluency, comprehension skills, and public speaking ability. Students will also come away with the understanding that the social impact of books on their lives is both personal as well as global. Students have the option to purchase any title that they may want to add to their personal book collection.
    Calculus League Club: Is an opportunity for students of Advanced Placement Calculus and College Prep Calculus to challenge their skills on four standardized calculus tests. The club also offers several practice sessions in preparation for these tests. These Calculus League tests are an excellent “dress rehearsal” for the A.P. Calculus test taken in each year in May.
    Choir: An extension of the Chorus featuring groups singing in four or more parts, the choir performs at school functions and occasional festivals.
    Diversity: The Diversity Club is a student centered club that meets at least once a month. Our main goal is to make everyone aware of the diversity that exists in society today. We are guided with the belief that everyone is equal and deserves to be treated with respect. We work closely with other clubs and organizations to spread the ideas of acceptance. It is a wonderful supportive environment where students have a voice. Students can sign up just by coming to a meeting and as long as they are willing to help in any capacity they are considered members. We are always welcoming new members and hope that one day our beliefs of acceptance and equality are shared by all. 
    Drama Productions: Students have the opportunity to participate in four theatrical productions throughout the year. Del Val offers both a Fall and Spring Play, in addition to a Winter Musical. The fourth and final production is the annual Performing Arts Night of Shorts, a one-act festival consisting of student-directed, student-run short plays. Other than the Performing Arts Night of Shorts (which is limited to students enrolled in those courses), all students are eligible to participate in these activities, which include acting, stage crew, organizing prop and costumes, and participating in set and lighting design.
    Environmental Club: This club is for the student that is concerned with the environment. They have begun to distribute recycling boxes in classrooms to collect paper for recycling. Other projects will include environmental issues.
    Key Club: The Key Club is a community-based organization of student volunteers who are dedicated to service in the school, family, community, county and also to international causes. Activities include NORWESCAP Food Drive, Trick or Treat for Unicef, and the March for Babies. Students are engaged in many other activities and events as well.
    Literary Magazine: The literary magazine is an annual publication of Delaware Valley Regional High School. Artwork, prose, poetry, and other writing are submitted by the student body to the magazine staff. The club’s main responsibilities are the solicitation, review, selection, organization, and production of the literary magazine. At the time of the magazine’s release, the club also organizes a “release party” to honor the writers and artists published in that year’s book. This is predominantly completed in the second semester of the school year.
    Marching Band: There are various opportunities for the instrumental music student at Del Val. The basis for the entire program is the Concert Band, which is the only ensemble offered as a class. The Golden Regiment is the Marching Band and is probably the most visible group in the department, performing at football games, parades, contests, and civic functions. The Golden Regiment, an extracurricular activity, is open to all students in grades 8-12. 
    Math League Club: The Math League meets after school once a month for six months in the school year. Each contest has six interesting Math problems with varying levels of challenge. This club is open to any student, regardless of the level math they are taking. In addition, in the Spring, there will be one contest geared strictly for Algebra I students. 
    Mock Trial: Allows students to compete as a team against other high schools in front of actual trial judges. This year’s case deals with alleged negligence on the part of a school district. With 10 students (2 student-attorneys and 3 witnesses for each side - plaintiff and defense) there is opportunity for those who both like the precision of a well-planned “case” as well as those who like the theatrics of becoming a designated witness!
    Model UN Club: Model UN is a type of moot court that brings law to life for students through active participation in courtroom competitions. A practicing attorney works with students on the fine points of preparing and presenting a case.
    National Honor Society: This is a national organization that inducts members in their Junior/Senior year. Induction is selective and based on scholarship, leadership, and character.
    Peer Leadership/Peer Mediation: This group is made up of upperclassman and is designed to help incoming students adapt to their new school. This program is also designed for all peer leaders to be role models in school as well as the community at all times. The application window is open only to the sophomore class and is announced via email. The application process includes filling out an application, interviews, and staff and administration input. If selected, the student and their parent/guardian must sign, and the student must abide by the code of conduct. 
    SAT Prep: This is an after-school class designed to prepare students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Running for five weeks twice a year, the course offers test-taking strategies, specific study techniques, and sample tests for both the Math and Verbal sections of the exam.
    Ski Club: The first 5 Thursdays of the new year students are transported by charter bus to Blue Mountain Ski Area. The options of skiing, snowboarding, and snowtubing are available. Lessons and equipment rentals are also available. The mountain is 1 hour and 15 minutes away. We arrive back to Del Val by 10:00 pm. If you have never skied or snowboarded before, then opportunity is knocking. Give it a try. If you have done it before, then join us on Thursday nights and have an awesome time.
    Sport & Spirit Club:   The Sport and Spirit Club is a new club this year at Del Val.  It consists of students in all grades who are interested in promoting all that is positive about Del Val and its students.  Activities will include selling items at the Pep Rally and other Del Val special events, providing a live Tuffy the Terrier Mascot at games, selling lemonade for Alex's Lemonade Stand, helping with Freshman Field Day and much more!  The club is for any Del Val student (not just students in sports) who loves Del Val and wants to promote spirit and enthusiasm for all aspects of our school.
    Stage Craft Club: This club will assist in the construction, painting, and striking of play sets throughout the year. Club members will meet in small groups based on specific jobs that need to be completed. Students might have to work over holidays and weekends when the stage is available. 
    Student Council: This is the student led governing body of the school. Members are elected by their peers and work in partnership with school administrators, staff, and the community for the benefit of the school and its students. 
    Technology Student Association: Club membership for the Technology Student Association is open to all! The TSA allows students to bring their aspirations to life through state-wide and nation-wide competitions ranging in variety from music and video production to fashion design. Let the TSA be an outlet for your creativity, a source of meaningful, real-world problems to solve, an impressive addition to any résumé, and an opportunity to compete in 35 competitions for trophies, scholarships, and national recognition.
    Thespians: This is an international group that supports and maintains Del Val’s drama productions. Members earn induction by participation in both Del Val and community theatre productions. 
    Weight Lifting Club: The weight club is designed for out-of-season athletes who need to improve strength, power and speed for interscholastic athletics. This club is open to all students who have completed an approved athletic physical by a certified practitioner.
  • Advisors
    Sarah Ruppert
    Jason Farnsworth
    Book Club
    Tracy Miceli
    Calculus League Club
    Andy Fitz
    Daniel Wells
    Diversity Club
    Lisa Cartwright
    Drama Productions
    Fall Play: 
    Jessica Severns
    Matthew Llabres
    Winter Musical:
    Clinton Ambs
    Spring Play:
    Tara Civitillo
    Lisa Cartwright
    Drum Line
    Brian Smith
    Environmental Club
    Sarah Ruppert
    Ruth Graves
     Key Club
    Paul Culcasi
    Rod Jensen
     Literary Magazine
    Molly Esposito
     Marching Band
    Thomas Hayden
     Math League Club
    Judy Warmingham
    Mock Trial
    Kathy Cevera
     Model UN Club
    Kyle Tinnes
     National Honor Society
    Tara Civitillo
    Tracy Miceli 
     Peer Leadership/Mediation
    Diane Romeo
    Sandra Morisie
    Poetry Out Loud
    Tara Civitillo
    Molly Esposito
    Heather Eckhardt
    SAT Prep 
    Sarah Hall 
    Ryan Murphy
     Ski Club
    Matt Hagy
    Sport & Spirit Club
    Sue Coles
    Ryan Murphy 
    Stage Craft Club
    Josh Paul
     Student Council 
    Carolyn Wolsiefer
    Jessica Severns
     Technology Student Assoc.
    Ryan Murphy
    Kyle Tinnes
     Weight Lifting Club
    Eric Jacobs 
    Paul Culcasi
    Mike Haughey