• B Smith
    Brian Smith
    Email Address: briansmith@dvrhs.k12.nj.us
    Room: D110
    Department: English
    Classes:  AP Literature and Composition
                  Gothic Literature
                  Journalism (I-IV)
                  The Art of Communication and Persuasion
     Apple Teacher JEA Certification
    Welcome to my webpage!  I make use of Canvas for all of my classes, which is where you can find your course calendar and your assignments for each week.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at any time.  
    Link to Canvas: https://dvrhs.instructure.com
    Educational Credentials
       BA in Secondary English Education from The University of Delaware
       Master's in Educational Practice at Centenary University
    Special teaching interests
       My literary background is focused on the American Gothic as well as American classics.  These texts are highlighted in all of my courses, as well as culturally diverse texts that represent the world, and this country, as it truly is.
        I am also the advisor to the school's newspaper, The Delphi.  Check it out here: https://sno.dvrhs.org
    Block 1A: The Art of Public Speaking (Semester 1)
    Block 1B: English IV AP
    Block 2A: English IV AP
    Block 2B: English IV Academic
    Block 3A: The Art of Public Speaking (Semester 2)
    Block 3B: Planning Period
    Block 4A: English IV Academic
    Block 4B: Journalism I, II, and IV
    2020-21 Bell Schedule
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