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    A production of 
    Delaware Valley Regional High School 
    since 1971

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    Our 2018 volume, Changing Perspectives: Something Blue
    has been recognized as a Gold Medalist Winner with
    All-Columbian Honors 
    by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association,
    given an All-American ranking with Four Marks of Distinction AND
    named a Pacemaker Finalist
    by the National Scholastic Press Association, 
    and awarded a REALM First Class 
    from the National Council of Teachers of English! 


    Something Blue

    Pacemaker 18
    REALM 2018   

    Our 2017 volume, Changing Perspectives: Odyssey
    has been named a Silver Crown Award Winner
    by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association
    and earned the Highest Award
    from the National Council of Teachers of English!


    (Click on the cover below to see what the fuss is all about!)

    Odyssey 2017

    NCTE Award  

    Contact us at: litmag@dvrhs.org   


     Past Issues: 

    2016: Boundaries

    Boundaries 2016


    2015: Weathered

    Silver Crown Award Winner from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association

    Weathered 2015


    2014: Retrospect

    Retrospect 2014   


    2013: Waxing | Waning



    2012: States of Mind

    States of Mind


    2011: The Illusion



    2010: Disenchanted



    2009: Scales



    2008: Antithesis


    Note: In the original print version of the 2008 issue, Changing Perspectives: Antithesis, the last half of the book was printed upside down, to reflect the "Antithesis" theme. The digital version has been altered for ease and logic of reading, but some of the pages are numbered in the wrong order as a result.


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