April Monthly Meeting is on
    Monday, April 12th, 7:30pm @ Artie's
    (please note later start time)
    A Letter from our President, Stacy Blake:

    Dear Del Val Community,

    I am announcing my retirement from the Booster Club Presidency and Spirit Wear Chairperson as of June of this year.  It has been an amazing 5 years with the booster club, I am so very thankful and grateful to have had this opportunity to serve the Del Val Community.  I have met and worked with so many wonderful people over the last 5 years and enjoyed watching the students grow and conquer their goals and dreams.  This was not an easy decision for me at all, I truly love what I do working with the school and enjoy helping the kids and parents get outfitted for all their cool spirit wear, but it is time.

    I held two important roles with the booster club one was the presidency and the other the spirit wear chair, these are two separate positions and we are looking for two different people to fill them, actually we are looking possibly for a committee (will be discussing at the next few meetings, please attend) to take on the spirit wear so it is not such a big role for one person.  Please consider taking on one of the below open positions to continue to help support this great organization and all of the students, parents and staff it truly is rewarding! 

    Thank you,

    Stacy Blake



    The DV All sports Booster Club would like to announce

    the following open board positions for the 2021-2023 school year…


    Vice President

    Spirit Wear Chairperson/committee

    The following positions are up for renewal:

    Financial Correspondent



    Please email the booster club with any nominations for the above positions or any questions. 

    Nominations will be announced in May and voting will occur in June.

    Our by-laws have complete descriptions of every position. 

    Thank you for your continued support!

    ATTENTION Senior Parents...Become a Member today!

    Becoming a member of the booster club during your son/daughter’s senior year will allow them to apply for one of our $500 scholarships at the end of the year!  

    The following criteria to apply for the scholarship is detailed in our bylaws ARTICLE X – POLICIES, B. AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS, #2:

    1. Have been an athlete on a recognized varsity team during his/her senior year. 

    2. Have a parent or guardian who has been an active member* in good standing.

    3. Has not been placed on academic probation or violated the Delaware Valley Regional High School Student Conduct Code and / or Student Co-Curricular Code.

    * A member in good standing one must: pay annual dues and attend at least 50% of all Booster Club activities. (this includes meetings, football games, outside sales events, school sales events, etc.) *


    Our Membership Letter, Clubs Purpose & Membership Form
    have been mailed to most of the students for the
    2020-21 school year.  Below are links for you to download copies of each.
    * The new meeting dates & times for the upcoming school year have been posted 
    * We look forward to all the volunteers joining the booster club this year
    We hope everyone had a safe and fun summer !


    2019 - 2020 All Sports Booster Club Scholarship Recipient
    Tylor Blake
    Shelby Pyatt
    Justin Carney

    2019 - 2020 Three Sport Athletes

    Tylor Blake
    Nic Moose
    Aidan Thomas

     Here are all the important papers and links you will need to start off the new school year, please pay special attention to due dates!



    We thank you in advance for volunteering at the Del Val All Sports Booster Club!



    The purpose of this organization is:
    • to provide recognition and support for all athletes, statisticians, coaches and trainers participating in a Board of Education recognized Delaware Valley Regional High School athletic program.
    • to support sportsman-like conduct and promote spirit, enthusiasm and community pride for the athletic programs at Del Val High School.
    • to promote fundraising activities to enhance our athletic programs

    Contributions the All Sports Booster Club has made to the athletic programs at Delaware Valley High School:
    • Gymnasium sound system
    • Contributed to lights for football field
    • Contributed to baseball scoreboard
    • Senior Recognition for all sports
    • Donates blankets to all senior athletes
    • Del Val All Sports scholarship and three letter award
    • Donated waterboy cooler for all sports
    • Donates to Project Graduation
    • Donated monies toward display cases for each sport
    • Spirit Clothing for all students, staff and parents at Delaware Valley High School
    • All Sports Booster shed
    • Scorer's Table for Winter Sports
    • Mule utility cart for training staff
    • Hot dog roller grill
    • Mascot costume
    • Weight room equipment
    • Field hockey canopy
    • Lacrosse canopies
    • 4 Movable bleachers
    • Shoot Away 8000 basketball shooting machine
    • Batting cage for JV baseball field
    • Pitch count for varsity baseball field
    • Kettle bells for wrestling team
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