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    Miss Nancy Evans

    Email:  evans@alexandriaschools.org
    Phone:  908-996-6812  -  ext. 1110
    Room:  101
    Subject Area:  Reading Specialist

    Welcome to the start of another great year at Lester D. Wilson School! 

    As your Reading Specialist at LDW, I assess all the K-3 students using the DIBELS standardized assessment three times a year. This assessment measures the acquisition and development of early literacy and reading skills. It allows our staff to monitor each student’s progress and determine the best literacy program for them during the course of the school year. I use this information, along with classroom data, in order to determine which students I will work with in a small group setting. I tailor my lessons to the needs of the students that I work with, therefore, the lessons and pacing that I use can be different from that of their classroom instruction. However, I do utilize the Fundations program that is used in our K-3 classrooms as well as a guided reading format for those students that need this instruction. I also extend my instruction to writing in response to a text, an assigned question, or a self-selected topic. These various forms of instruction are used based on the needs of the student and are altered as I work with each of them.

    There will be periodic communication and progress reports with the parents of any students that I am working with in my individual groups. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns about your child.           

    I look forward to a successful school year with your children! :)