•  Preschool 3/4         Jo Whiteley

          October News in Preschool 3/4
    The children  are having a wonderful time making new friends, using their motor muscles on the playground, exploring new sensory materials, learning new skills and playing and having fun in preschool!
    Our initial focus was to have the children learn each others' names.  Activities included singing our "Here we are together" song, rolling a ball to a named friend or reading their booklet Brown Bear, Brown Bear Who Do You See?   Each child's photo and name is inserted into the booklet which helps the children learn each other's names while giving them all great pleasure at seeing themselves.
    Our next focus was our 5 senses. The children used their ears to identify assorted sounds in our home, outside and also familiar animals. The children made binoculars and took a walk to see things outside. They loved looking at objects and each other with binoculars! A tasting party gave the children a great experience learning about sweet, sour, plain and bitter tastes.  Of course, the favorite was the sweet treats.  Identifying assorted odors using their nose and then graphing which were a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" helped reinforce their learning. Playing in water, placing their feet in shaving cream to "paint" the rug, placing their hands in a "feely" bag to identify objects by feel reinforced the sense of touch. Popping popcorn where the children used all their senses was a fun and very satisfying culminating activity! 
    Our facial expressions can tell others how we feel.  The children are learning about the emotions happy, sad, mad, scared and surprise. We practiced making faces during our songs such as "If you are happy (mad, sad,etc.) and you know it" and "When I am very happy.." the children are learning to use these words when talking with each other and letting us know how they feel. The children liked "fishing" for emotion pictures to label and sort and identifying feelings when given a scenario. The lessons were rounded out with lots of books, such as When Goldie Was Very Very Mad! 
    The firefighters are coming to school in October!.  We are very excited about learning what firefighters do and what tools they use to help us. We will also focus on other community helpers as well as the wonderful people in our school that help us!  Halloween is coming which  is very exciting to the children . Already the children are talking about their costumes.  
    I look forward to sharing more with you next month.  Happy October and Fall! 
    Miss Jo