• Teacher name: Brian Moore
    E-mail Address: moore@alexandriaschools.org
    Room: 58
    Subject Area: Spanish
    Phone ext. 259
    Bienvenido! Welcome to Mr. Moore's Spanish page. I teach grade 4-8 Spanish here at Alexandria Middle School, as well as serve as the school Student Council Advisor. 
    Spanish at AMS is designed to be a communicative foreign language experience, wherein students are expected to understand the grammatical rules and structure of the language (especially in the upper grades), but more importantly to demonstrate their ability to put the language to authentic use through a wide variety of activities within the classroom. Students will cover a wide variety of core vocabulary and linguistic concepts as they move from grades 4 to 8 in the program, and are expected to maintain the ability to work with all of these as they move from grade to grade - especially since activities and units are designed specifically to reinforce and build upon prior knowledge and understandings.
    The report card grade is determined primarily with summative assessments that are designed to show what the student can DO with the language. Each assessment is composed of 3 parts, which will be scored separately: Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational. The Interpretive portion will ask students to translate written Spanish to English, while the Interpersonal portion will ask students to respond in Spanish to various questions posed in Spanish. This part will also consist of a dialogue developed by the student with at least one partner to showcase their conversational ability. Last, the Presentational part will ask the student to create a product (usually with the iPad in grades 6-8) to share with the class, which will highlight their understanding and application of a given topic. The 'performance tasks' are scored according to a teacher-developed rubric, and students receive a brief conference and explanation of their grade following the performance to provide constructive feedback.
     Any questions? Feel free to call or e-mail! Hasta luego!