Janet Sampson
    7th and 8th Grade Social Studies 
     908-996-6811 ext. 
     Room 33
    Welcome students and parents! 
    My name is Janet Sampson and I am the seventh and eighth grade Social Studies teacher. I am thrilled to begin my fourth year at Alexandria Middle School and to be a part of such an outstanding educational team!
    Social Studies Curriculum 2019-2020
    The Seventh Grade Curriculum              The Eighth Grade Curriculum 
    1.  Three Worlds Meet                                           1. Expansion and Reform 
    2.  Colonization and Settlement                              2. The Civil War and Reconstruction
    3.  Revolution and the New Nation                          3. Active Citizenship in the 21st Century 
    A Few Rules/Guidelines: 
    In class, students will be expected to come prepared every day with an iPad, binder, pen or pencil, and any homework due. 
    Class participation is an absolute necessity as you will be working cooperatively in activities with others and engaging in discussions/debates. 
    My expectations are that you bring an enthusiastic attitude to class, treat each other and me respectfully, and demonstrate common courtesy. 
    Sites we use in Social Studies:
    TEXTBOOK:  Our textbook is now online!  Students may access the textbook through the Puffin Academy app.  Each student was provided a log in and a password to use the textbook.  The textbook used is Holt McDougal:  United States History Beginnings to 1877.
    In 7th and 8th grade we will also use Canvas for assignments, blogs, etc.   
    Please check the calendar on the left for homework assignments as well as Canvas.
    Relevant Sites for Social Studies: