Teacher Name:
    Kasandra Semanchik, MS
    Room: AMS Gym, Room 76
    Subject Area: Health and Physical Education
    Phone Number: (908) 996-6811,
                                 EXT 1109 (AMS)
    Welcome to Health and Physical Education here at Alexandria Township Middle School! Within physical education we cover and learn a range of physical content which involves different movement games, sports and fitness exercises. While learning these games students' cognitive reception of physical movement and game play is developed as well. This is done through learning the rules of games, skills towards game play, team building, cooperation, muscular and cardiovascular development and sportsmanship. These physical cognitive aspects are then reinforced within health class where students learn how to achieve and maintain a healthy body through learning content such as nutrition, fitness nutrition, body image, stress management, communication skills and how to make good choices towards a healthy body. Over all AMS health and physical education aims to give students the tools necessary to make the right choices as they travel on their journey towards health and life-long physical movement.