• Welcome to the 6th Grade Team! 

    Sixth grade is an exciting year! Our team is here to assist students with lockers, learning locker combinations, and the use of iPads in and out of the classroom. We look forward to helping our students make an easy transition to 6th and prepare for their future! 


    *Daily assignments are on the team 6 calendar

    Social Studies: Mr. Allmer

    Mathematics: Mr. Collina or Mr. Hoyda

    Science: Mrs. Hughes

    Language Arts: Mr. Olcott

    Co-teacher: Mr. Blazure (all subjects) 

    Core 4 Snack Policy

    Fairview Permission Slip: Due to MRS. HUGHES Friday, April 12

     *All teachers' names are a direct link to their individual welcome page. All specific information for that teacher can be navigated from their welcome page.