Professional Developement

    When it comes to student achievement, nothing is more important than the quality of the personnel staffing a school district.  A highly effective staff will facilitate student learning and growth in ways that no other school-related factors can. Knowing this fact, the Alexandria Township Public School District has made the commitment to provide high quality professional development to all of its staff members.  As a result of these professional development experiences, we will continuously increase the capacity of all of our staff members to meet the challenges of 21stcentury education.  Equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, our staff will work collaboratively to prepare our students for their futures.


    Contained in the website are descriptions of workshops the district is offering throughout the upcoming school year.  Please register on-line.   

    May these experiences provide you with the knowledge and skills that you seek while, at the same time, sparking new questions to guide you in the never ending quest for the most effective educational practices.


    Matthew Jennings

    Superintendent of Schools