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    *5th Grade Reading and Writing
    *6th Grade Reading
    *Reading Enrichment
    Reading Rocks!  
            Hello and welcome to my web page! I hope you have had a fun and relaxing summer. I am very excited about entering my twelfth year teaching at Alexandria Middle School!! This will be a great year! We will continue developing and strengthening our literacy skills, and collaborating as a classroom community! 
                A little bit about myself... I am a graduate from The College of New Jersey, where I received a B.S. in Elementary Education and B.A. in History. I currently reside in Flemington, and have been a resident of Hunterdon County my entire life. Thus, not only do I have a passion for education, but in my free time I also enjoy being active in all the outdoor activities Hunterdon County has to offer. I am looking forward to learning the students' interests and hobbies as well!! 
                  As an educator, I am a firm believer in "learning by doing." I believe that it is essential to involve all students in the learning process by using cooperative learning strategies, implementing group activities, as well as creating lessons that use active listening and learning methods. Active engagement will help us to build our literacy and social skills for years to come!
                  Furthermore, I expect everyone to treat each other with respect and kindness, as well as demonstrate responsible and appropriate behavior at all times. Coming to class prepared and with a positive attitude will help to create a collaborative and more meaningful learning environment. 
    Language Arts Overview: 
    We will be using a program, Collaborative Classroom, to guide our literacy journey. We will be exploring various genres, such as fairy tales, novels and informational text all throughout our time together. We'll use fun and engaging anchor texts to learn and develop our reading and writing skills. As literacy learners, we will implement these skills and strategies in all the texts we read, both as a class and independently. Students will be instructed on how to choose reading material that is appropriate for them, and helps them grow as readers and writers! We will collaborate as a team and share our strategies with the class on a daily basis.
    5th and 6th Grade Topics of Study: *Reading and writing strategies and skills will be taught throughout the units (Both grades have very similar units, parentheses denotes a difference with the 6th grade curriculum)
    * The Reading Community: Fiction
    * Using Text Features: Expository Nonfiction
    * Questioning: Expository Nonfiction
    * Analyzing Text Structure: Fiction
    * Making Inferences: Fiction and Poetry        (and Drama - 6th Grade)
    * Making Inferences: Fiction and Expository Nonfiction       (Narrative Fiction - 6th Grade)
    * Analyzing Text Structure: Expository Nonfiction
    * Determining Important Ideas and Summarizing: Narrative Nonfiction and Fiction
    * Synthesizing: Fiction and Expository Nonfiction.    (and Narrative Nonfiction - 6th Grade)
    *Revisiting the Writing and Reading Community 
    ***Grammar and vocabulary skills and strategies intertwined throughout our topics.
    Please see my calendar page for homework and assessment updates! 
          Communication is always important. I strongly feel it supports a beneficial home-school connection. Please feel free to leave an email with any concerns or questions you may have throughout the year, and I will do my absolute best to be prompt and reply as soon as possible.  
    Thank you for visiting!! 
                            "Tell me, and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand." - Chinese Proverb