• Mrs. Sarah Hall
    Teacher of English
    Teacher of Special Education
    SAT club Advisor  
    Freshmen Class Advisor
    Sophmore Class Advisor 
    BA English and Education, 2006, Caldwell University
    MA English, 2009, Seton Hall University 
    Teacher of Special Education, 2012, Rutgers University  
    Contact information: 
    Extra Help Availability 2017-2018
    I am available block 1 on B days, unit lunch, and after school all by appointment. Please email me first to ensure I am available. 
    Daily Schedule 2017-2018:
    A Day
    Block 1- Eng IV CP
    Block 2-  prep
    Unit Lunch- D117
    Block 3- Eng II CP
    Block 4- prep
    B Day
    Block 1- prep
    Block 2- Eng II CP D117
    Unit Lunch- D117
    Block 3- Eng IV H D117
    Block 4- Eng II CP D117